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Balachandran, A.P. and Dolan, Brian P. and Lee, J. and Martin, X. and O'Connor, Denjoe (2002) Fuzzy Complex Projective Spaces and their Star-products. Journal of Geometry and Physics , 43 (2/3). pp. 184-204. ISSN 0393-0440

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Campbell, Dr. Gordon (2002) Bicycles, Centaurs, and Man-Faced Ox-Creatures: Ontological Instability in Flann O'Brien, Lucretius, Empedocles, and Piero de Cosimo. [In Collection]

Campbell, Dr. Gordon (2002) Lucretius and the Memes of Prehistory. Leeds International Classical Studies, Discussion Paper 1.

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Conniffe, Denis (2002) Sums and Products of Indirect Utility Functions (NIRSA) Working Paper Series No. 6. NIRSA - National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis. (Unpublished)

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Conway, Julia (2002) A Geography of Fear of Crime in Maynooth. Masters thesis, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

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Corcoran, Mary (2002) The Process of Reinvention of Self: the experiences of returning Irish Emigrants. Eire - Ireland, 37 (1-2). pp. 175-191.

Corcoran, Mary (2002) The process of migration and the reinvention of self: the experiences of returning Irish emigrants. Eire Ireland - a Journal of Irish Studies. ISSN 0013-2683

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Fleming, Dr Ted (2002) Access and accessibility: Where student and academy meet. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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